Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Newton Wins AP Player of the Year

Newton was an absolute Beast this year winning 5 huge awards

Today, Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton has won another prestigious award, the AP player of the year.

The award is pretty self explanatory, it is awarded to the nations top college football player. Newton won this award in a land slide though ranking up 51 votes out of 56 votes. Boise State Quarterback Kellen Moore got 3 votes while Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck got the last 2.

This award pretty much sums up Newton's season this year, outstanding.

His team, the Auburn Tigers are set to face the Oregon Ducks on January 7th in Glendale, Arizona for the BCS National Championship game. They are undefeated and one of the top offenses in the nation. This is mostly because of Newton.

Newton was by far the most dominant player this year.

First off his passer rating was 188.8. This was not only the best of this years quarterbacks, but of all time. Nobody has ever had a passer rating better then Cam Newton in a single season. He passed for 2,589 yards and added 1,409 more on the ground. He passed for 28 Touchdowns, ran for 20 Touchdowns, and even caught 1 touchdown in a game vs Mississippi.

Newton with his Heisman
He also won numerous other awards such as the Maxwell Award, the Walter Camp Award, the Davey O'Brien Award, and the NCAA most prestigious award, the Heisman Award.

Newton wasn't superman this season and definitely had his faults.

He was the center of a lot of controversy mid season when it was reported that his father had made deals with colleges saying that if they wanted Newton to play for their team they would have to "pay-to-play". This means Newton's family would get improper benefits through his abilities.

Ultimately though the NCAA realized that Cam did not know of this and that his father, Cecil, was behind all of it. They did not suspend him and let him win all his awards. Even though Auburn went undefeated and knocked off many top SEC teams, many thought that Newton's luck would end at the SEC championship game vs South Carolina.

Newton's father was not allowed to attend the Heisman Award Show which Cam won.

Cam was quoted saying, "It hurts a lot. (not having my dad here)" regarding to the Heisman Award Show in New York.

Newton like the rest of the season, did not back down and continued to show the country he was the best player. He passed for 335 yards, his season best and ran for 73 yards. He threw 4 touchdowns and ran in 2 more and didn't have a single turnover.

Newton on the sidelines backing up
Tebow during his time at Florida
Many people though would have never predicted Newton to have the season he did. Two years ago, he was backing up the countries old best quarterback, Tim Tebow at Florida. Newton got limited playing time and ended up transferring to Blinn College, a small subdivision school where he got a lot of playing time.

At his time at Blinn, he showed many division I schools how good he was and this is where the 'pay-to-play" came in. In the end he chose Auburn.

Speaking about his time at Florida Newton said,  "I learned a lot during my tenure at Florida. I wouldn't say it  was a waste".

Newton must had have learned a lot backing up Tebow at Florida because this year he followed his footsteps.

Newton was the nation's top play and definitely deserved this award. Good luck in the National Championship Game and congrats again on all these awards.

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