Thursday, December 23, 2010

NFL Week 16 Predictions

Drew Brees plays the red hot Falcons on Monday Night

Panthers vs Steelers: 28-13 Steelers
After a loss to the Jets, the Steelers will get out their anger tonight, by destroying the 2-13 Panthers. Look for Big Ben and Wallace to shine and for Mendenhall to rush for over 100 yards in an easy win.

Cowboys vs Cardinals: 28-16 Cowboys
Since the Cowboys fired Wade Phillips and promoted Jason Garrett, they have been much better of a football team. This should continue as they play the struggling Cardinals saturday night. Kitna will shine and hit multiple receivers for touchdowns.

Bills vs Patriots: 35-10 Patriots
The Patriots are the best team in football, case closed. They also happen to be playing one of the worst teams in football, in the Bills. Brady to Branch all day in this one in a whooping over the Bills.

Jets vs Bears: 24-13 Bears
Although the Jets pulled out a W last week, the result should be different this week. The offensive is still struggling and although their defense stepped up, the Bears have a much better offense then the Steelers. The Bears come off a big win vs the Vikings and will use that momentum to win this big game.

Ravens vs Browns: 27-17 Ravens
The Ravens are a very good team. They just defeated the Saints who are one of the top teams in the NFL. They play the Browns, a significantly worse team and should dominate all aspects of this game.

Titans vs Chiefs: 23-17 Chiefs
Although Chris Johnson is heating up, the run game won't be enough to win the game vs a very good Chiefs team. When Cassel plays, the team wins and with Jamaal Charles running the way he has been, the Chiefs look like a playoff team.

Redskins vs Jaguars: 28-20 Jaguars
The Jaguars are a playoff team and the Redskins aren't. Look for MJD to show some leadership and run through a weak Redskins D and help keep the Jaguars in the playoff hunt.

Chargers vs Bengals: 27-13 Chargers
The Chargers have a great offense and the Bengals have a bad defense. Philip Rivers should be able to go right through this defense and pass for multiple touchdowns. The Bengals have been very disappointing this year and although they won last week, will not get the same result this week.

Texans vs Broncos: 28-27 Texans
This was one of the tougher decisions i have had to make this week. The Texans started off great but have been on a decline and the Broncos started off terrible, still are terrible but have a new energetic quarterback in Tebow. Texans by 1.

Colts vs Raiders: 35-30 Colts
The Colts and Jaguars will both win this week still giving the Colts the edge in the tiebreaker. But the Colts will struggle more playing a very underrated and surprising 7-7 Raiders team. although they don't have a solid quarterback, the defense and running game are both great for the Raiders, still though Peyton wins when it means the most.

Rams vs Niners: 21-14 Niners
The Rams are too inexperienced and the Niners despite their 0-5 start will win this game and make the playoffs. Look for a big game from Brian Westbrook and a solid passing game by Alex Smith.

Lions vs Dolphins: 17-13 Lions
Both of these teams are very unpredictable but i have to give this one to the Lions. The Lions have an offense and the Dolphins don't. Although i predicted a low scoring game, the edge goes to the Lions just because they have been in many close games this year, and this time they will win.

Giants vs Packers: 34-28 Giants
The Giants had a terrible loss last week and will not make that same mistake. Although Rodgers is playing, he is still a little knocked up and the Giants have one of the most hard hitting defenses knocking 5 quarterbacks out of the game this year. Giants end the Packers season sunday.

Seahawks vs Bucs: 21-14 Bucs
The Bucs play another bad team and will win like usual. It will be a close low scoring game and look for a Mike Williams touchdown. Bucs still will not make the playoffs thought but they are improving.

Vikings vs Eagles: 35-14 Eagles
The Eagles are such a great team and their offense is unstoppable especially when Vick plays. The Vikings have had a disappointing season and will get crushed by the Eagles on Sunday Night.

Saints vs Falcons: 35-34 Saints

When i made this decision i pretty much closed my eyes and when i opened them i looked at the Saints. This is going to be the most controversial game this week and a very good one. Look for a close high scoring game to decide the NFC South.

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