Monday, December 20, 2010

The Reemergence Of Michael Vick

Vick Clearly has proved to everyone how great of a person he is on and off the field this season

In The 2001 NFL Draft the Falcons selected Michael Vick, a quarterback out of Virginia Tech with the #1 pick. Vick was known for his great abilities on the field but sometimes got in trouble off the field.

At Virginia Tech he helped lead the Hokies to conference championships and even a trip to the National Championship game and placed 3rd in the heisman voting. He was also the first player ever to be voted his conference's player and rookie of the year award.

Nonetheless, the Falcons chose Vick to lead their team. In his first season as the starting quarterback in 2002 Vick lead the team to the playoffs with a 9-6-1 record. Then after missing most of 2003 due to injury, in 2004 Vick lead the team to win the division with a 11-5 record. Vick was one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the country because he was a rare quarterback who could run and pass.

Vick became the first player to run and pass for 1,000 yards in a season along with a couple of other records. He was elected to a few Pro Bowls with from his time with the Falcons (2001-2006)

Michael was also one of the most popular players in the league. It was a fact, not an opinion that he was the most fun player to play with in the madden series. Every kid who played that game loved to run around with Vick. He covered the 2004 version of the game and also had endorsements for Nike, Coke, Powerade, Rawlings, Kraft, and AirTran.

Then in 2007 everything went downhill for Vick.

Rumors were going around that Vick had hosted a "dogfighting" event at his house. Although he claimed he did not participate he was still accounted for all the blame for his guest actions that severely hurt many innocent dogs.

After going to court and being held guilty for his actions Vick was sentenced to 23 months in jail. 

After awaiting results and hearing the final verdict, Falcons owner Arthur Blank decided to cut Vick from the team. For the 2007 and 2008 seasons, Michael Vick wasn't playing on sundays, he was serving time. 

Nobody knew if he would ever play again. All of his talent could have gone to waste, but Vick was determined to redeem himself and get back to where he was. He didn't slack off in jail, he was friendly to his inmates, participated in their pickup games and was allowed to move onto Federal Prison earlier after being in a halfway house.

Now it was just time to wait, who would give Michael his redemption time. Vick was unemployed, bankrupt, and had no supporters.

After getting a tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick made the team. He backed up McNabb for a year getting around 5 snaps a game but mostly used as run designed WildCat plays. He was frustrated he did not get to show the world what he could do but was still very grateful for the Eagles giving him the opportunity to play.

After McNabb was sent to the Redskins the Eagles gave the 2010 starting quarterback position to Kevin Kolb. Kolb was drafted in 2007 and was assumed to fill in for McNabb when his time with the Eagles was over. After Kolb got injured in the 1st game of the season. Vick took over and led the team to a huge comeback vs the Packers but still lost the game.

Vick was then named the starter and ever since he has been rolling.

Vick is in talks for the MVP award this season and i  must say, if i had a vote, he has mine. Although Vick has missed a few games this season due to injury and week 1 where he did not start, Vick is near the top of all quarterback categories. He has the most fantasy points of all players in the whole league and has not even logged in nearly the amount of minutes Brady, Foster, and Rodgers have.

On average Vick is averaging a 103.6 passer rating which ranks 3rd of all quarterback. He has passed for over 2,750 yards and has ran for over 600 yards. Combined he has 28 Touchdowns and only 8 turnovers. When Vick has played the full game this season, the Eagles are 8-1. 

For those who say stats aren't everything Vick is a leader on and off the field. His leadership and character have changed dramatically since his accident. He is even in a commercial for a local car dealership in New Jersey. Also he has been participating in Community Service and has given back to his community.

Even players not on the Philadelphia Eagles admire and look up to Vick. Many players have said that what he has done is a great story and Dallas Cowboys Running Back Tashard Choice even asked for his autograph. Even though the autograph was for his nephew that is still amazing. 

Vick has led the team to many comebacks this year, most recently this week vs the Giants. While most players lost hope in the game Vick cheered up the team and helped them score 38 unanswered in 7 minutes vs the Giants and win the game. I am even a Giants fan and i am furious at the loss, but i still must admit Michael Vick is amazing. Vick passed for 242 yards, ran for 130 yards and had a combined 4 touchdowns and 1 turnover. 

It would be crazy for Michael Vick not to be chosen as the MVP. Yes i understand Tom Brady has been great this year, but is he as consistent and can he do it all? The Patriots have always been good and it is expected of Brady to have a big season but nobody predicted Michael Vick to breakout this season. He was originally drafted in under 25% of all fantasy football leagues this year and leads most leagues in points. His story is incredible and i hope he continues his path back to prime.

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