Thursday, December 2, 2010

Drama Jeter

The Way it should be

The Yankees are currently in a mini feud with Derek Jeter and his agent over new contract negotiations. Right now the Yankees offered about 3 years with around $12 million each year.

Jeter says he would like more years because he feels he can still play at a major league level, i mean he is the captain of the best team of baseball right? No Although Jeter is one of the greatest Yankees ever and brings a lot off the field, he is still asking for too much.

If Jeter wants the years he should defiantly take a pay cut for the better of the team. Soon after a few years anyways, Jeter will probably get moved to the outfield or DH so new players in the farm system can be the "next ones".

Every year, Jeter stats have been declining; this year he batted only .270 with 10 Homeruns and 67 RBI's. Also one must think Jeter is still a great fielder because of those great flip throws he makes. That too is a false assumption because he made quite a few errors this season and his gold glove was not very deserving.

The Worst thing on thing on Earth that could ever happen ^
Still i believe the Yankees should 100% sign Jeter. Just imagine Jeter in another teams jersey, its like picturing Peyton Manning in a Patriots jersey,  Kobe in green, and LeBron on the Heat. Oh wait that last one actually happened.

Anyways, Jeter is still a good average player in the league and brings many features of the field. He is an avid member of the organization always going to charity events and getting publicity for the Yankees. Even if the Yankees over pay to get Jeter, they will get the money back through not only performance, but tickets being purchased, jerseys being bought, and many other things people will do to get Jeter on the team.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Jeter to test the market if he does not like the offer but just recently, they have been back in negotiations trying to hit both teams interests in the negotiations. As a Yankee fan i hope the Yanks sign Jeter because since i have been born in '95,  #2 has been in between third and second every season winning championships, gold gloves, and other prestigious awards.

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