Thursday, December 16, 2010

NFL Week 15 Predictions

Chargers vs Niners: 27-20 Chargers
Both teams started off slow but have made their way back to the hunt in the AFC and NFC West. Also both have lost star players like Frank Gore and Antonio Gates. I chose the Chargers on this one simply because the Chargers in December are unstoppable, fact. With Rivers hitting any receiver who goes out on the field and a solid running game in Tolbert and Matthews, i think it will be too much for the Niners tonight.

Eagles vs Giants: 24-23 Eagles
I am a Giants fan and I'm sorry to all other fans who disagree with my decision, but to be completely honest and unbiased, the Eagles should win this one. I know they are playing in New Jersey not Philly so the Giants have the edge on that but the Eagles offense just may be too much for the underrated Giants D, especially with an injury plagued Giants team.

Bengals vs Browns: 23-12 Bengals
The Bengals haven't won a game in forever. I know they have had a tough schedule, and play in one of the tougher division in the NFL but still they should be better than 2-11. I have them with the upset over the Browns though because i feel Palmer, and the Offense will be back on track and ready to beat the Browns on Sunday.

Redskins vs Cowboys: 28-14 Cowboys
Both teams have been disappointing this year and although the Cowboys have a worse record, the Redskins have been far more disappointing. After bringing in the big money players and coaches, the Redskins just haven't found ways to win. Look for a Cowboys victory at home against the Redskins to improve to 4-1 under Head Coach Jason Garrett.

Texans vs Titans: 30-13 Texans
The Titans put up 28 on the Ravens D and could have beaten them on MNF if it weren't for a game losing pick 6. Look for the Texans D to continue to dominate and rip apart the worsening Titans D. Blowout for the Texans.

Jaguars vs Colts: 24-21 Colts
Let's admit it, the Jaguars have been phenomenal this season and the Colts have been far worse, but still when it matters the most, the Colts will win this game. With Peyton returning to Peyton-form last week, the Colts are back to business in the AFC South.

Chiefs vs Rams: 23-21 Chiefs *
This one comes down to Matt Cassel playing. It's that simple, Cassel plays: the offense shows. Cassel doesn't play: the offense doesn't show. Also give the Rams credit, after having the #1 pick in the draft they are now fighting for a playoff spot in the terrible NFC West.

Bills vs Dolphins: 20-10 Dolphins
The Dolphins upset the Jets last week at the Jets and i believe they will return to the winning team many thought they would be this year. With a huge defensive performance, look for the offense to shine this week against one of the NFL's worst: the Bills. Ronnie and Ricky will Run all over the Bills.

Lions vs Bucs: 20-17 Lions
I've been saying this for a while: The Bucs are pretenders. They really haven't beaten any true playoff teams and have had a relatively easy schedule. After almost losing an easy game last week @ Washington, look for the hot Lions coming off a victory vs the Packers to claim the victory .

Cardinals vs Panthers: 24-17 Panthers
Although their record doesn't show it, the Panthers really aren't THAT bad. I mean they have been unlucky with injuries and all but still should have more than 1 win. With a solid run game, and other players like Beason, Munneryln, and Gross, the Panthers are just lacking a confident QB. Look for them to resolve that problem and beat the Cardinals.

Saints vs Ravens: 28-24 Saints
The Saints are red hot and have won 6 straight. They have realized that if they don't pull it together the Falcons might run away with the division. After the Ravens almost lost to the Texans on MNF they are worn out obviously and i think Drew Brees and the nation will be too tough of a challenge for the Ravens.

Falcons vs Seahwawks: 35-10 Falcons
The Falcons are the best team in the NFC so far. Look for it to stay that way this week vs the Seahawks. To say it nicely, the Seahawks suck. Look for Turner, White, and Ryan to destroy the Seahawks this week in the bird battle.

Broncos vs Raiders: 28-14 Raiders
The Broncos have been terrible this season and the Raiders have been unexpectedly good. They have found a true leader on the offense this season in Darren McFadden, and he will again be great this week vs the Broncos and their slacking rush defense.

Jets vs Steelers: 14-7 Steelers
The Jets will score a touchdown for the 1st time in 2 weeks, but they will not come out with the victory. The Steelers give the Pats a run for their money as the best team in the AFC and at home they just don't lose. The Steelers have the top defense along with a solid offense with Big Ben back. I'll agree with Wiz on this one and say Black and Yellow.

Packers vs Pats: 24-20 Patriots
The Patriots are the best team in the NFL and the Packers have not been what they were projected to be. Especially with Rodgers not at full strength, look for the Patriots to continue to roll over their opponents in Foxboro.

Vikings vs Bears: 21-10 Bears
And for the Monday Night Game. The Bears and Vikes will be playing outdoors in Minnesota which will definitely effect the game. Look for a run first game for both teams even with Cutler playing for the Bears. AP vs Forte will be a good one to watch and even though AP gets the nod, the Vikings are no where near the skill level of the Bears, who lead the NFC North.

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