Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NFL Week 15 Recap

Ray Rice Showboats in the Endzone, something he did twice on Sunday

This week my record in games were 12-4

Chargers vs Niners: 34-7 Chargers
Chargers Player of the Week: Vincent Jackson-112 Receiving Yards and 3 Touchdowns
Niners Player of the Week: Josh Morgan- 106 Receiving Yards
The Chargers dominated the Niners on Thursday Night as Vincent Jackson took over his old job as Philip Rivers favorite target in Antonio Gates' absence.

Browns vs Bengals: 17-19 Bengals
Browns Player of the Week: Colt McCoy- 243 Passing Yards and 2 Touchdowns
Bengals Player of the Week: Cedric Benson- 150 Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Bengals snap a 10 game losing streak with a game over their divisional rivals, the Browns

Eagles vs Giants: 38-31 Eagles
Eagles Player of the Week: Michael Vick- 242 Passing Yards, 130 Rushing Yards, 4 Total Touchdowns
Giants Player of the Week: Eli Manning- 289 Passing Yards and 4 Touchdowns
The Giants blow a 21 point lead and lose in the final seconds as Desean Jackson returns a terrible punt by Matt Dodge for a touchdown

Redskins vs Cowboys: 33-30 Cowboys
Redskins Player of the Week: Rex Grossman- 322 Passing Yards and 4 Touchdowns
Cowboys Player of the Week: Jason Witten- 140 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Cowboys win another game under Jason Garrett as Head Coach and are now tied for last place with the struggling Redskins in the NFC East

Titans vs Texans: 31-17 Titans
Titans Player of the Week: Chris Johnson -130 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
Texans Player of the Week: Matt Schuab- 325 Passing Yards and 2 Touchdowns
The Titans beat the Texans to pretty much spoil their season and end all hopes there were of them making the playoffs

Colts vs Jaguars: 34-24 Colts
Colts Player of the Week: Donald Brown- 129 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
Jaguars Player of the Week: Daryl Smith- 15 Tackles, 1 Pass Deflection 1 Sack
The Colts beat the Jaguars to tie up the AFC South after a big unexpected game from the Colts running backs

Chiefs vs Rams: 27-13 Chiefs
Chiefs Player of the Week: Jamaal Charles- 126 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
Rams Player of the Week: James Laurinaitis- 11 Tackles and 1 Pass Deflection
The Chiefs win another game with Matt Cassel back at Quarterback to still lead the AFC West

Bills vs Dolphins: 17-14 Bills
Bills Player of the Week: Ryan Fitzpatrick-223 Passing Yards and 2 Touchdowns
Dolphins Player of the Week: Brandon Marshall- 106 ReceivingYards and 1 Touchdown
The Bills defeat the Dolphins to get their 4th win of the season

Lions vs Bucs: 230-20 Lions (OT)
Lions Player of the Week: Maurice Morris- 109 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
Bucs Player of the Week: LeGarrette Blount-110 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Lions upset the Bucs in OT to drop them a game out of the wildcard

Panthers vs Cardinals: 19-12 Panthers
Panthers Player of the Week: The Team - scored more points then allowed! only happened the 2nd time all season
Cardinals Player of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald- 125 Receiving Yards
The Panthers win for the 2nd time all season after beating the terrible Cardinals in Carolina

Saints vs Ravens: 30-24 Ravens
Saints Player of the Week: Drew Brees -267 Passing Yards and 3 Touchdown
Ravens Player of the Week: Ray Rice- 233 Totals Yards and 2 Touchdowns
The Ravens beat the Saints to retake over the AFC North

Falcons vs Seahawks: 34-18 Falcons
Falcons Player of the Week: Matt Ryan- 174 Passing Yards and 3 Touchdowns
Seahawks Player of the Week: Marshawn Lynch- 60 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Falcons improve to 12-2 after an easy win over the Seahawks. They now have the best record in the NFL and have clinched a playoff berth

Raiders vs Broncos- 39-23 Raiders
Raiders Player of the Week: Darren McFadden -119 Rushing Yards
Broncos Player of the Week: Tim Tebow- 138 Passing Yards, 78 Passing Yards, and 2 Touchdowns
The Raiders spoil Tim Tebow's starting debut with a solid win and now improve to 7-7

Jets vs Steelers: 22-17 Jets
Jets Player of the Week: Braylon Edwards- 100 Receiving Yards
Steelers Player of the Week: Rashard Mendenhall- 100 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Jets pull out only their 2nd win over a team over .500 in the final seconds at Pittsburgh

Patriots vs Packers: 31-27 Patriots
Patriots Player of the Week: Tom Brady- 163 Passing Yards and 2 Touchdowns
Packers Player of the Week: Matt Flynn- 251 Yards and 3 Touchdowns
The Patriots beat the Packers in the final minutes without Aaron Rodgers playing

Vikings vs Bears: 40-14 Bears
Vikings Player of the Week: Percy Harvin- 72 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown
Bears Player of the Week: Devin Hester- Punt Return for Touchdown, 23 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown
The Bears embarrass the Vikings on MNF in the freezing cold as Favre gets knocked out and Hester impresses the freezing fans

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