Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NL Cy Young

     This years top ace in the National League went to Roy Halladay. Halladay is one of the few pitchers in MLB history to win a Cy Young in both the National and American League. In 2nd was Adam Wainwright and 3rd was Ubaldo Jimenez. Halladay racked up all 32 First place votes but who wouldn't vote him #1.

     Halladay pitched a no hitter, and a perfect game this season, once in his first postseason start ever. This guy is the most insane pitcher i have ever seen. As a Yankees fan, i was very happy when i heard he was moving out of our League so it would be much easier every time we faced the Blue Jays

     Halladay posted a 21-10 Record with a 2.44 ERA, which with a solid run support should win him any game. Halladay also had 219 Strikeouts in 250 innings. Halladay continued to pitch well not only in the regular season but also in the postseason where he pitched a no hitter and had a 2-1 record in 3 starts with 20 strikeouts and a 2.45 ERA which is almost identical to his regular season ERA

Tomorrow, the AL Cy Young award will be announced and it will most likely be CC Sabathia or Felix Hernandez

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