Tuesday, November 23, 2010

College Football Week 12 Review

As we get a week closer to the College Football Finale, the to 7 teams in the country hold their positions.

Top 25 Teams that Lost:
8. Nebraska vs 19. Texas A&M
20. Iowa vs 9. Ohio State
21. Mississippi State vs 13. Arkansas
24. Miami vs 16. Virginia Tech
USC vs Virginia Tech

Top Performances:
1. Kellen Moore- Led Boise to a 51-0 Victory and passed for 333 Yards and threw 4 Touchdowns.
2. Wisconsin Badgers running backs- Combined for over 350 yards and 6 Touchdowns in route to crushing Michigan in Anne Arbor.
3.Marcus Lattimore- on only 7 carries in a blowout win, he rushed for 102 yards and 3 Touchdowns.

Top Dissapointments:
1. Nebraska Cornhuskers- The team failed to score a touchdown and ultimately win as their BCS hopes get crushed with a sloppy loss to Texas A&M.
2. Utah Utes- yes, although they won, they needed a big time 4th quarter comeback to stop a 3rd loss in a row. With Utah's slump it makes TCU's victory over them not look as good.
3. Iowa Hawkeyes- lost another game this week and 2nd in a row as they lose at home to Ohio State, they started off as a great team but down the stretch just have not been clutch.

Game of the Week: LSU vs Ole Miss: 43-36 LSU

     In this game Jeremiah Masoli and Ole Miss led the LSU Tigers for most of the game. This game was very exciting and a lot of touchdowns were scored. Both teams had huge running games where each scored 4 rushing touchdowns. Ole Miss took a 1 point lead with a few minutes left but LSU ultimately wont the game with only 44 seconds left. This game also helped LSU set up a potential SEC championship if Auburn loses to Alabama. It also will keep them in the top 5 teams in the country and if everything can work out perfectly we could see them in the title game come January.

Top Games for next week:
1. Auburn vs Alabama
2. Oregon vs Arizona
3. LSU vs Arkansas
4. Boise State vs Nevada
5. Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State
6.Michigan vs Ohio State (classic game every year)
7. Stanford vs Oregon State
8. Michigan State vs Penn State
9. Florida vs Florida State

All these games are potential upsets and BCS breakers so be sure to watch as many games as you can this saturday

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