Monday, November 29, 2010

College Football Week 13 Recap

With 3 changes in the top 5 this week College Football is ready for its last week of the season before Bowl Games and Conference Championships:

Teams in the Top 25 That Lost:

4. Boise State vs 19. Nevada
5. LSU vs 12. Arkansas
9. Oklahoma State vs 13. Oklahoma
11. Alabama vs 2. Auburn
21. Arizona vs 1. Oregon
23. North Carolina State vs Maryland
24. Iowa vs Maryland

Top Performances:
1. Nevada Wolfpack- They defeated Boise 34-31 and were the first team to do it in over 2 full regular seasons. The team mounted a 24-7 comeback at half and ended up kicking the game winning Field goal. Shout out to Quarterback Colin Kaepernick
2. Cam Newton- Helped lead Auburn to a comeback victory over Alabama for the Iron Bowl Title. He passed for 219 yards and all 4 Touchdowns in a 28-27 Victory
3. Wisconsin Badgers- They put up 70 points up again and this time the running backs combined for over 325 Yards and 5 Touchdowns. I can start smelling the roses for Wisconsin

Top Disappointments:
1. Boise State Broncos- This one really is on the kicker who missed 2 controversial Field Goals, the first to win and second to give the team the lead. This is the first time Boise has lost a Regular Season game in two years and a game in conference in like forever.
2. Oregon State Beavers- After coming very close in many hard games this year the Beavers were shut out in a game they could have won against Stanford
3. Alabama Crimson Tide- After starting the season at #1 the Tride have lost their third game this season and blew a lead over #2 Auburn.

Game of the Week: Boise State vs Nevada: 34-31 Nevada
Boise started off with a nice lead over Nevada as Kellen Moore played well as usual. Going into halftime they had a nice 17 point lead. Though as most people could had projected, Nevada came back and ended up tying the game up at 31. As time expired Boise State's Kicker missed an easy Field Goal sending the game to overtime. The Broncos got the ball first in OT and drove down a few yards before having to attempt another Field Goal. This time he missed again to the other direction. Nevada then faced a 4th down and drilled a Field Goal for the win, defeating Boise and giving them their first regular season loss in a while.

Top Games for Next Week:
1. Auburn vs South Carolina
2. Oregon vs Oregon State
3. Oklahoma vs Nebraska
4. Florida State vs Virginia Tech
5. Arizona vs Arizona State

Bowl Predictions:

BCS Championship Game: Oregon vs Auburn
Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs TCU
Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs Oklahoma
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs West Virginia
Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs Ohio State

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