Thursday, November 18, 2010

MLB Coaches Of The Year

     The Coach of the Year award does not necessarily go to the best team's coach but more of a coach that is liked by all his players and also wins a lot of games. This years recipients were Bud Black of the San Diego Padres and of the National League, and for the American League it was Minnesota Twins skipper, Ron Gardenhire.

     Gardenhire has been coaching the Twins since '02 and is one of the longest tenured coaches around. In his 9 seasons as manager he has led the Twins to the divisional title 6 times. He is a well liked guy around the clubhouse obviously if he has been there this long and also brings success. Gardenhire is a very smart and strategic guy and knows when prospects should shine into stars like Joe Mauer and Fransisco Liriano. Both were called up by Gardenhire and have become stars in the league.

     The Funny thing about Gardenhire is that you would think he has won this award before right? False. Gardenhire has actually been the runner-up for this award 5 times in his 9 seasons. Other names like Mike Scioscia, John Madden, Jim Leyland and Joe Torre. Finally he got his chance this year.

     Bud Black this year led a Padres team who were predicted to come in last place in a very competitive division to a very close 2nd place in the division. Black's Padres blew their divisional lead with only a few games left. They actually led the division for most of the season. Besides Black's first season with the Padres when he had ace Jake Peavy, the team has improved in the past 3 years.
     This is Black's first time winning this award as well. Past winners include divisional rival, Colorado Rockies coach, Jim Tracy, as well as Joe Girardi, Lou Piniella, and Bob Melvin. Once again congratulations to Mr. Gardenhire and Mr. Black

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