Monday, November 15, 2010

College Football Week 11 Recap

Another week in college football has gone by:

Teams in the top 25 that lost:
13. Iowa vs Northwestern
14. Utah vs Notre Dame
18. Arizona vs USC
19. Mississippi State vs Alabama
23. Florida vs South Carolina
24. Kansas State vs Mizzou
25. UCF vs Southern Mississippi

Top 3 Performances:
1. Wisconsin Badgers- Anyone who puts up 83 Points in a game deserves credit especially without their starting running back John Clay
2. Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet- threw for 215 Yards and 5 touchdowns in route to crush  Utep by 37
3. South Carolina RB- Marcus Lattimore- He ran for 215 Yards and 3 touchdowns in a winning effort against Florida to clinch the SEC division

Top 3 Disappointments:
1. Indiana Hoosiers- When you give up 83 points in a game that is only 60 minutes that says something. By the end of the 3rd Wisco had all 3rd and 4th strings in and countinued to score
2. Oregon, Auburn, TCU- All these team won very close games all to unranked teams.If they want to stay in the top 3 they should all be winning by bigger margins
3. Utah Utes- From the beginning i knew this team was full of pretenders and their really showing it off with back to back losses. Shows how weak the MWC is and with this loss totally cancels out TCU's win over them because it shows how bad they are

Game of the Week: Oregon vs California: 15-13 Oregon
This game was the closest game Oregon had to play all year, and they scored the least amount of points in doing so. Oregon was up 2 when Cal's kicker missed a field goal in the last 2 minutes. If converted that Field Goal might had won California the game due to how bad Oregon has played. Look for an upset in the future in any of the top 5 spots

Top 5 Upcoming Games:
1. Ohio State vs Iowa
2. Wisconsin vs Michigan
3. Stanford vs California
4. Nebraska vs Texas A&M
5. Miami vs Va. Tech

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