Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NFL Week 8 Recap

Bengals vs Dolphins: 22-14 Dolphins
Bengals Player of WeeK: Terrell Owens- 65 Yards 2 Touchdowns
Dolphins Player of WeeK: Dan Carpenter- 5/5 Field Gaols with a Long of 54, 1/1 PAT
The Dolphins beat the Bengals in a game really taken over by the Kicker scoring 16 of 22

Jaguars vs Cowboys: 35-17 Jaguars
Jaguars Player of Week: David Garrard- 260 Yards, 5 Total Touchdowns
Cowboys Player of Week: Jason Wiiten- 9 Receptions, 97 Yards, 1 Touchdown
The Jags defeat the embarrassing Cowboys without Romo as Garrard Shines

Lions vs Redskins: 37-25 Lions
Lions Player of Week: Calvin Johnson- 9 Receptions, 101 Yards, 3 Touchdowns
Redskins Player of Week: Brandon Banks- 213 Return Yards, 96 Yard Touchdown
The Lions beat the Redskins in the final minutes as McNabb is benched

Chiefs vs Bills: 13-10 Chiefs (OT)
Chiefs Player of Week: Jamaal Charles-177 Rush Yards, 67 Receiving Yards
Bills Player of Week:  Paul Posluszny- 18 Tackles, .5 Sacks
The Chiefs needed OT to defeat the winless Bills but improve to 5-2

Rams vs Panthers: 20-10 Rams
Rams Player of Week: Sam Bradford 191 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
Panthers Player of Week: Brandon LeFell- 40 Yards, 1 Touchdown
the Rams beat the awful Panthers by 10 as Bradford tosses 2 touchdowns

Packers vs Jets: 9-0 Packers
Packers Player of Week: D & S/T- 3/3 Field Goals, 0 Points, allowed, 2 Interceptions,2 Sacks, 62 Tackles
Jets Player of Week: N/A
The Packers shutout the Jets in arguably the most boring game of NFL History

Broncos vs Niners: 24-16 Niners
Broncos Player of Week: Brandon Lloyd- 169 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Niners Player of Week: Frank Gore 118 Yards, 1 Touchdown
The Niners beat the Broncos in London as the Broncos get worse every week

Chargers vs Titans: 33-25 Chargers
Chargers Player of Week: Antonio Gates- 128 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Titans Player of Week: Vince Young- 253 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
The Chargers bounce back and put up 35 on the best defense in the league

Seahawks vs Raiders: 33-3 Raiders
Raiders Player of Week: Darrius Heyward-Bay- 105 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Seahawks Player of Week: N/A
The Raiders prove they are serious contenders especially in the AFC West as the demolish another team with the offense wowing and the defense plowing

Vikings vs Patriots: 28-18 Patriots
Vikings Player of Week: Adrian Peterson- 92 Rush Yards, 1 Touchdown, 50 Receiving Yards
Patriots Player of Week: BenJarvous Green-Ellis- 112 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
The Patriots defeat the Vikings and take out Favre as the Vikings Playoff hopes shatter

Cardinals vs Bucs: 38-35 Bucs
Cardinals Player of Week: Larry Fitzgerald- 72 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
Bucs Player of Week: LeGarrette Blount- 120 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
The 5-2 Bucs (Not a typo) defeat the Cardinals as Blount lead the offense to 38 points

Steelers vs Saints: 20-10 Saints
Steelers Player of Week: Rashard Mendenhall- 71 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Saints Player of Week: Drew Brees- 302 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
the Saints beat the Steelers in the Dome to improve to a 5-3 Record and Brees is back

Colts vs Texans: 30-17 Colts
Colts Player of Week:Peyton Mannig- 268 Yards, 2 Touchdowns
Texans Player of Week: Arian Foster-102 Yards, 1 Touchdown, 65 Receiving Yards
The Colts even out the season record vs the Texans on MNF

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