Monday, November 8, 2010

Fire in Dallas

      On Monday, Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys finally had enough with his teams performance and decided to fire Head Coach Wade Phillips

     This firing comes after the 1-7 start for the Cowboys, which almost guarantees no post season. The Cowboys were predicted by some to win the division which could be arguably the best in the NFL

     Heres why it is Phillips fault for the teams success: The Cowboys have an awful rush game. Although they have three solid running backs in Barber, Jones, and Choice, Phillip's play call is so run heavy that it isn't balanced enough to support the team. Another reason to blame Phillips is the Defense. Phillips was also the DC of the Cowboys and has led the to the 24th best defense in the league. That is also the 8th worst. Names like DeMarcus Ware, and Terrance Newman have not even been in talks this year because other teams are averaging 28 points a game on the Cowboys.

     This is why is may not be Wade's fault: The Cowboys have been playing the last few games without probowler, and leader of the offense Tony Romo. Though before the injury the still were not doing to well. Also another reason is the strength of schedule. The Giants Eagles and Redskins are all the other teams in the division and all have great records and teams that all could make the playoffs. Also 5 of their losses have come from games that they lost by only 1 possession. The other losses being the blowouts by the Jags and the Packers

     Whose next in line? Well many signs point that current Offensive Coordinator, Jason Garrett. Garrett has matured Tony Romo and has good chemistry with the team. The only problem here might be the defense which he has little experience with, and the Cowboys do need to fix up the Defense, because Phillips was also the Defensive Coordinator. Another option the might look into are Bill Cowher, Mike Martz, or Dennis Green

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