Monday, November 22, 2010


  What do only the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Celtics have in common with this Jimmie Johnson?Yes, thats right, the answer is 5 or more championships in a row. Not even names like Jordan, Chamberlain, Manning, Brown, Ruth, or Gretzky were capable of doing this. Racing legends like Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Allison, Richard Petty, or Jeff Gordon weren't even able to accomplish this extraordinary feat.

     On sunday, Johnson started the day in 2nd place behind Denny Hamlin, who held his position throughout most of the season. Though, who could have guessed it would be Johnson to come from behind and win yet another championship. The scenario was all Hamlin had to do was finish ahed of Johnson and to lead more laps then him. Of course neither of those things happened, Johnson finished in 1st and one another championship.

     Many people love to argue how NASCAR is boring and takes no skill. half of that is true because five-hundred laps of watching can be boring but not if you are doing the driving. Imagine going close to 200 MPH around a narrow lap with close to fifty other cars around you. Yes, not very boring is it. It must be exhilarating to drive a car with such speed and precision. And the fact that it takes no skill? Race car driving has reported many unfortunate deaths so obviously you must know what your doing in order to race in one of those bad boys.

    As to the extent to say that Johnson is one of the best athletes of all-time i might have to disagree. He is very skilled at driving but i cannot say he is a very athletic guy. Yes he dominates his sport but put him on a field or court and i doubt he would be able to compete with those super athletes. Still what Johnson has done is amazing and i would like to congratulate him

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