Monday, November 8, 2010

College Football Week 10 Recap

This week in College Football, many pieces to the puzzle fit in to help make BCS Projections much easier

Top 25 Losses:
5. Utah vs 3. TCU
6. Alabama vs 10. LSU
8 Oklahoma vs Texas A&M
12. Mizzou vs Texas Tech
15. Arizona vs 13. Stanford
19. South Carolina vs 18. Arkansas
21. Baylor vs 17 Oklahoma State
24. Florida State vs North Carolina
25. North Carolina State vs Clemson

Top Performances
1. Auburn QB Cam Newton- Passed for 316 and 4 Touchdown and ran for 60 and a Touchdown, in a win over Chatanooga
2. TCU QB Andy Dalton- Threw for 355 and 3 Touchdowns in route to a blowout over 5. Utah
3. Boise State QB Kellen Moore- launched over 500 Yards and 3 Touchdowns in victory over the best non-ranked team Hawaii, hes my Darkhorse for the Heisman

Top Dissapointments
1. Utah- They totally showed how overrated they were when they got blew out at home by TCU, obviously this team was not meant to play the big boys when they can't even beat TCU
2. Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert- Failed to pass for over 100 yards and failed to lead his team to a victory, knocking out of BCS Contention
3. Hawaii QB Brant Moniz- The Nations top QB failed to pass for over 150 yards and even 1 touchdown as his team gets embarrassed by Boise State. Can Someone besides Jared Weiss please acknowledge how good the Broncos are if their D can shut down the top O

Game of the Week: Michigan vs Illinois
 In this high scoring game of the week Michigan's offense put up 67 on the illini as Illinois scored 65 ending the game 67-65 Wolverines. In this game, Denard Robinson passed for 306 and 3 Touchdowns While Illinois' running back and quarter back scored 3 Touchdowns each. It took the Wolverines 3 OTs and regular time to defeat the Fighting Illini after stopping a conversion

Top games for next week
1. Auburn vs Georgia
2.TCU vs San Diego State
3. Oregon vs Cal
4.Ohio State vs Penn State
5. Florida vs South Carolina

BCS Bowl Predictions
Championship Game: Boise State vs Oregon
Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs TCU
Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs Stanford
Orange: Pittsburgh vs Virginia Tech
Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs Michigan State

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