Monday, November 22, 2010

Chilly Situation in Minnesota

   Today, the highly awaited firing of Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress finally occurred. After leading the team to a horrendous 3-7 record. This season was supposed to be "the year" for the Vikings as they finally might win that Superbowl, and Favre would be able to retire with no questions. Too bad none of this has happened because the team is just not in sync.

     Many have been predicting this firing for weeks now every since their record started to go downhill. Now that their playoff hopes have been crushed they Vikings are just looking to get back their mojo and win a couple of more games.
     They have the talent in many players just not many of them liked Childress. In an anonymous interview, many players shows much hatred for Childress and stated how much the team would be playing without him.

     Talent certainly isn't the problem for the Vikings. They have a lot of probowlers and stars like Favre, Peterson, Rice, Schiancoe, Harvins, Allen, Both Williams, and E.J. Henderson just to name a few. Especially after a late run to the NFC championship game last year, the Vikings proved they were a good team. The team just has terrible chemistry and they just can't pull together a higher score than the opponent by the end of 60 minutes.
     Childerss lead the team to success and 2 divisional championships the last two years, has fixed Adrian Peterson's fumbling problems, and has done much more for the team but this year the team really just couldn't win some games. It's unfortunate that comes a few months Favre drama will have to occur again as he really will think about going out on another bad note

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