Monday, November 22, 2010

New MVP in the National League

  The last two seasons, St. Louis Cardinals slugger, Albert Pujols has won the MVP award in the National League. This streak has come to an end after this years new winner, Cincinnati Reds Outfielder Joey Votto surpassed him in votes.

     Votto took home 31 of the total of 32 first place votes in a pretty one sided vote. He racked up a total of 443 points while Pujols got the other 1st place vote and 279 points. 3rd place was Rockies new slugger Carlos Gonzalez who had great stats this year and got 240 votes.

     Votto lead not only the Reds but the National League in many stats this year. He led his Reds to a divisional title beating out Pujols again, something that hasn't happened in the NL Central in years. Unfortunately the Reds ended up losing in the playoffs to the Philadelphia Phililes. Votto also took home the National League Hank Aaron award for the best hitter.

    Now for the stats: Votto lead the National League in On Base Percentage, OPS, and Slugging Percentage. He came second in Batting Average with an amazing .324 Average. He then placed third in homers and RBI's with 37 and 113 respectively. He also came in a very close fourth place for runs and walks. Also in the field he made very few errors this season. Votto clearly dominated the stats all over this year and deserved the award.

   Votto is a very young player for a very young team in the Reds. This is only his 3rd season in the MLB and he is not even getting payed a million dollars. Don't be surprised if you hear Votto's name in the future or the Cincinati Reds as both are progressing into a young great player and team.

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